Chelsea vs Tottenham. A game of pride and status for London city. It is true that this clash is not the big derby for either side, even both are clubs from London city, but still a derby for all their supporters.

Chelsea has always been one of the biggest clubs of English football, but their rivalry against Tottenham has increased since the Spurs became a rich club, a straight rival for the titles, and a team that can endanger the hegemony of others big clubs in England as the blues.

At the moment, Chelsea has been capable to deal with Tottenham, but it is something that the Spurs and their supporters are willing to change looking at the last results they achieved.

Betting tips for Chelsea vs Tottenham:

Chelsea is not one of the clubs with more trophies in England. The blues are a clear example of what English football is like. The way they play and their philosophy, based on intensity, attacking football and speed, Chelsea have obtained big achievements in the Premier League and Europe.

Since both institutions were bought by multimillionaires a few years ago, both sides have been capable of making better investments, improve their facilities, and most importantly, buy better players and managers to make each side champion. General statistics can be easy to think that Chelsea has always easily won the Spurs, and even it has been this way in recent seasons, history proves that Tottenham already know how to hurt the blues.

Picks for this match:

Chelsea vs Tottenham: Odds

Odds and bets change daily depending on the websites you choose to bet on, but what it’s really important is to look at the run of each side to make a good call and see the opportunity between all the bookmakers and the alternatives the market offers.

Stats of last games, historical results and also available players for the match coming are key factors that need to be checked before selecting a website and a betting tip. To discover the best odds, you can check it out here.

Chelsea vs Tottenham: MATCH STATS

There is always a favourite in each game. Depending on the moment each side is going through, but it’s obvious that history also makes a big impact when it comes to choosing between two sides and the possible result of a game.

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Chelsea and Tottenham have faced each other since 1909, a total of 174. Of all those, 144 were Premier League games. More than 400 goals have been scored during all these years between these two sides, but it is true that lately, it seems that Chelsea have found the way to manage successfully the matches against Tottenham.

In the last 10 games played the results were:

  • – matches won by Chelsea  – 7
  • – matches drawn – 1
  • – matches won by Tottenham – 2

BTTS Tips for Chelsea vs Tottenham:

In this case, statistics really put Chelsea in an advantageous position as they managed to beat the Spurs seven times out of ten. A situation that looks really interesting when it comes to betting tips and looking at the odds. The run could continue but looking at the other side, it seems that Tottenham is waiting for their revenge to end this bad run against the blues.

  • This season Chelsea and Tottenham have played already twice in Premier League, being the blues the winners on both occasions with a total of five goals and conceding none.
  • Chelsea’s best result against Tottenham was back in the 2013/2014 season when they won 4-0 at Stamford Bridge.
  • The best Tottenham result was 5-3 in the 2014/2015 season at White Hart Lane.

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Chelsea vs Tottenham: Over/Under Goals 2.5

Looking at the results between these two teams is not easy to tell which call to make when it comes to betting on over 2.5 goals or under 2.5 goals per game. Both sides have good defenses and, especially, really good goalkeepers even their strikers are world-class.

In the last ten games played between Chelsea and Tottenham there have been five games with less than 2.5 goals per game and the other five games with more than 2.5 goals.

This season both teams have conceded more or less the same goals. Chelsea 28 and Tottenham 32 but the good run is on the blues side. In their last five games, they draw two games, won the other two and only lost once. Meanwhile, Tottenham have lost three games and won two in their last performances. In all those games Tottenham conceded two goals, so scoring one would make a right call to say that Chelsea and Tottenham could be an over 2.5 goals game.

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Chelsea vs Tottenham: Double Chance

Double Chance is another factor to look at when it comes to the odds. It is the easiest way to not be wrong and increases the % of getting a betting call right.

Looking at the last results of each side last five games in the Premier League, Tottenham has increased to 20% while Chelsea’s double chance highs up to 60%.

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Chelsea vs Tottenham: HEAD TO HEAD

Looking at the last results between both sides of the last five games, the results anticipate a good game.

  • Chelsea 2- Tottenham 0
  • Tottenham 0 – Chelsea 3
  • Tottenham 0 – Chelsea 1
  • Chelsea 0- Tottenham 0
  • Chelsea 2- Tottenham 1

Chelsea vs Tottenham: Match Preview

The last games against Tottenham have been very successful for Chelsea. Three wins in a row and not a defeat against the Spurs since 2018/2019 in the Premier League. A total of seven matches in which the blues have completely surpassed Tottenham in all senses. With different managers, different strategies, and also different players.

Chelsea ended a run of four games in a row without winning and, even worst for Tottenham, sent the Spurs out of European positions. Tottenham started the game willing to take Stamford Bridge for the first time in three years, and when they were the closest after Harry Kane scored the first goal of the match, it was disallowed for offside.

The first half had no goals, but plenty of Chelsea’s chances. Something that completely changed at the beginning of the second half. Two minutes after the whistle blew, Ziyech scored the first goal of the match to take the lead and sink all Tottenham’s hopes after 45 minutes with not so many chances.

The Spurs tried to get back into the game, but in the first half they didn’t have any clear chances– the second half didn’t improve a lot for the hosts. Two goals in ten minutes were enough to make Chelsea lord and king of the game while a stunned Tottenham could not do anymore.

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