In this article, we shall discuss the capabilities of using Apple Pay as a method of depositing and withdrawing from your sportsbook accounts; we look at whether it is legal to use in Canada and how to use this method of payment on sportsbooks. The review will cover the essential questions and also reveal any vital information on the payment service.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a payment service that Apple operates; it lets you manage your accounts as well as act as a mediator between you and your credit/debit cards. The system adds another layer of security when involved in transactions, and it has started to become accepted worldwide as a payment method.

Is it legal to deposit on betting sites with Apple Pay?

It is legal to pay for services and goods using Apple Pay; the grey area lies within gambling. Apple Pay is relatively new as a payment method as it was established around 2014. This means it is still expanding, and as such, not many, if just a few, sportsbooks accept this funding method.

Can you deposit and withdraw with Apple Pay?

Again, as many sportsbooks have not adopted Apple Pay, it isn’t easy to find some that allow you to deposit but for the ones that do, depositing with Apple Pay is instant.

Sadly, though, with Apple Pay, you aren’t permitted to withdraw using the money payment service. You will have to use another available method to withdraw your winnings.

Apple Pay fees for betting sites:

When betting at a sportsbook or gambling website, depositing money with Apple Pay will not attract any additional fees. But it is warranted to mention in some cases, and if you’re using a credit card with Apple Pay, it might incur some charges by the bank. One solution to help avoid this problem is linking a debit card to Apple Pay.

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Additionally, since you cannot withdraw with Apple Pay, it’s impossible to incur any fees on the withdrawal of funds.

Pros And Cons of Using Apple Pay Betting Sites

Each method of payment you will come across will consist of its strengths and weaknesses, and we shall look at those points for Apple Pay.

  • Pros:
  1. Security on this payment is top-notch, as Apple Pay adds another layer of protection to your transactions, and there’s no way to track recent transactions. So, no nefarious people will get a hold of your information.
  2. The speed of transactions is instant with deposits, making it a viable option due to its speed.
  • Cons:
  1. It’s restricted to Apple product owners, so unless you have an Apple device, this payment method will be useless.
  2. It’s still not widely accepted on sportsbooks, so it limits users who would like to use Apple Pay as they play.

Best Betting Sites with Apple Pay in Canada:

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction can be considered one of those big sportsbooks that have yet to accept Apple Pay as one of its payment methods. It is impossible to withdraw or deposit using Apple Pay on Sports Interaction Canada.


Betway may be one of the giants of the betting industry, but as surprising as it may be, they have yet to integrate Apple Pay as one of the methods players can use to fund their sports betting accounts.


888Sport offers various funding options; they even offer players the chance to wager on sports and their casino using cryptocurrency. But just as they don’t accept Paypal, Apple Pay falls into that same category. With 888Sport, you will have to find alternative methods to fund your account.

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