In this article, we’re going to take a look at the differences and similarities of the two well-known sportsbooks, Sports Interaction and William Hill. Sports Interaction is one of the biggest sportsbooks in Canada, whilst William Hill is one of the biggest sportsbooks in the United Kingdom and the world. Let’s have a look at the betting experience with both below.

Sports Interaction vs. William Hill: Sign Up Process

The first thing’s first, and that is the process of sign-up with either sportsbook. Let’s take a look at what each sportsbook will require you to do to register with them.

Sign Up for Sports Interaction

To open up an account with Sports Interaction, these are the steps you will need to follow:

  • Click on “Sign Up” on the homepage,
  • Fill out your information and type in your Name and Password,
  • Verify that you accept the terms of service by clicking on “Register.”

Rating: 4/5

Sign up to William Hill

To register with William Hill, visit the William Hill website and:

  • Click where it is indicated. Join.
  • Then follow the necessary steps to create a password, username, and security question.
  • Once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions, you can start playing.

Rating: 4/5

Sports Interaction vs. William Hill: Welcome Bonuses

When starting an account at any sportsbook that’s worth your time, you will be provided with a welcome bonus. A welcome bonus is a promotional offer to entice new players by rewarding them for choosing the sportsbook in the first place and encouraging them to start betting. These are the different welcome bonuses that Sports Interaction and William Hill have to offer.

Sports Interaction Welcome Bonus

As a new player at Sports Interaction, you will receive a generous 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit of up to $500. So, our advice would be to deposit a good amount to double up your first deposit.

Rating: 4/5

William Hill Welcome Bonus

If you sign-up with William Hill, you will be welcomed with a rather special bonus of free bets up to $250. We think this particular bonus is unique since it essentially allows you a free pass for the first bets that you will place, so make sure you take advantage of that.

Rating: 5/5

Sports Interaction vs. William Hill: Sports Coverage

The variety of sports that a sportsbook covers and offers odds and markets is an important factor to consider when settling on your preferred sportsbook. You want to choose a sportsbook that covers as many sports as possible and offers a variety of odds and markets for those sports.

Sports Interaction Sports Coverage

At Sports Interaction, you can rest assured that their range of sports is indeed extensive. You will find odds and markets for football, basketball, tennis, rugby, and other North American sports such as hockey, American Football, and many other sports from around the world. Sports Interaction’s sports coverage is one of the best in the industry.

Rating: 4/5

William Hill Sports Coverage

William Hill is one of the oldest betting establishments in the world, dating as far back as 1935. The company’s experience has provided invaluable knowledge of player behaviors which trickles down to the type of offers it provides. They also specialize in regions around the world where certain sports and sporting events are preferred which ensures players all around the world are catered to their specific interests.

Rating: 3/5

William Hill vs Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction vs. William Hill: Live Betting

Live betting is a feature that enthralls players around the world as it allows them to place wagers while matches happen live. This allows players to use their sports knowledge and place bets based on their own analysis; it allows bettors more control over their bets, and that’s why any sportsbook you are thinking of registering with simply has to provide live betting with all its odds and markets.

Sports Interaction Live Betting

Sports Interaction takes its live betting feature to the next level. They provide thousands of different wagers around various sports, but the only negative thing we could say about it is that the website can take a few minutes to load, which can cause players to miss out on certain live markets.

Rating: 4/5

William Hill Live Betting

William Hill, with all their experience, also recognizes how important live betting is too. They, too, offer a wide range of markets and odds for live betting for many sporting events. However, their app is not yet fully compatible with all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Rating: 4/5

Sports Interaction vs. William Hill: Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

When choosing your sportsbook, you have to make sure it provides a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. Let’s see how these two sportsbooks compare.

Sports Interaction Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

It’s remarkably simple to deposit or withdraw from your Sports Interaction account. All you have to do is go to the homepage and select your payment method. It only ever takes a few minutes to complete the transaction. To withdraw, simply click on “Withdraw.” Choose your payment method, and it will take about 24 hours or less for your account to be credited.

Rating: 5/5

William Hill Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

William Hill also provides the same ease for deposits and withdrawals. You can also deposit or withdraw your funds through VISA. With VISA, it takes up to 4 hours for the transaction to complete. If you choose to do so through a bank wire transfer, it can take longer, usually between 3-5 business days.

Rating: 3/5

Sports Interaction vs. William Hill: Customer Support

Of course, as with any business, customer support is an integral part of business operations that ensures your customers are satisfied with your service. If any blips happen along the way, sportsbooks need to ensure they can resolve their customers’ concerns quickly and effectively. Let’s look at how good the customer support is at both of these sportsbooks.

Sports Interaction Customer Support

If you register with Sports Interaction and unfortunately run into a hitch, you can speak to a customer support agent at any time through their live chat feature, which we have found to be responsive and solution-oriented. In case you don’t need to speak to an agent but still want to find information about your betting experience, you can visit their extensive FAQ section, which provides answers to common questions that are asked. This is useful if your problem isn’t complex, and you’d want to avoid being put on hold or having to wait for email support staff’s back and forth, which can take time.

Rating: 4/5

William Hill Customer Support

William Hill offers a number of contact points you can use; you can reach out to customer support via email, their phone lines, and their 24/7 live chat feature on the website. Their live chat support is particularly impressive with their response times and effectiveness.

Rating: 4/5

Sports Interaction vs. William Hill: Top Bookmaker

Top bookmaker: Sports Interaction

Both sportsbooks are world-class. They both provide standout value for their customer base but to choose one, we’d have to go with Sports Interaction, particularly for the special attention that they provide for Canadian players.

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