Single-game sports betting for Canadians has been coming a long time. The rest of the world has been in on single-game betting for decades, and Canadians have been forced to sit back and watch as other countries rake in all the dollars.

But now we finally have our chance.

As of August 2021, provinces can legally host single-game betting within their boundaries, and they’re jumping at the chance. Ontario is one of the first to make it possible, and bettors are flocking to place their bets on any single game they want!”

Betting On Sports In Ontario – The Way to Do It

Sports fans in Ontario, it’s time to get in on the action!

Get ready to enjoy the thrill of placing real-money bets on your favorite teams and players. With online sports betting legal in Canada and some great options available, you can claim attractive bonuses and take advantage of a myriad of markets and wagering opportunities.

If you’ve never bet on anything before, don’t worry—it’s simple! And once you’ve got your head around the basics, you can start exploring all the options available to you, from NHL ice hockey to NBA basketball and everything else in between.

How To Bet On Sports Online In Ontario

With a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll be on your way to online sports betting in Ontario. That’s right—it’s 100% legal, and it couldn’t be easier.

To get started, you just need to meet a few requirements:

-You need to be 18 or older

-You need to have an active email address and phone number

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-You need to have money to gamble with (you need a credit card, debit card, or some other way to transfer money into an online sports betting account)

Setting up an online sports betting account takes just a few minutes, thanks to the many online sportsbooks that offer online betting. We’ve picked the best sportsbooks to partner with and have reviewed each one to make your choice easier. It’s important you choose the right bookie because each one is different.

Compare And Get the best sportsbook bonus in Canada

Every online betting website is different. Some offer a more robust list of sports, and bonuses differ between the bookmakers. It is paramount  to compare sites, especially when it comes to bonuses as they tend to change periodically.

The silver lining is that you can sign up to multiple sports books. We advise using multiple as they have different coverage levels, and more importantly, varying value in their odds on any given day.

Best Sportsbooks in Ontario

If you live in Ontario and love to place a bet on your favorite sports, there is no limit to the number of opportunities available to you. Whether it’s football, hockey, basketball or any other sport you can think of, you can bet on it! And with so many great betting sites available to residents of Ontario, there is no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity.

Which Sportsbook Do You Choose?

If you are new to online sports betting, or even if you have been betting for years but have never tried an online sportsbook before, we suggest starting with one of the following sites: Betway, 888Sport, and Sports Interaction. These are three great online sportsbooks that offer a wide range of odds and bets on various sports events around the world. They also offer live betting through their websites and mobile apps.

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Sports Interaction

You know, picking a team and placing a bet on it is only half the battle. What else do you need to be successful? You can play with Sports Interaction here

You’ve got to have the data that’ll help you pick a winner. That’s where Sports Interaction comes in. They’ve got all of your bases covered when it comes to providing resources to help you make winning picks.


When you’re out to make some cash by placing bets on sports and games, there’s no room for error. And that means you need a partner who’s going to do whatever it takes to help you make smart, winning picks. That’s why you should go with 888Sport—they’ve got all the resources you need to succeed.


If you love watching baseball, but are looking for a way to make the games even more fun, why not try betting on them? Betway is the best place to do it because they’ve got all your bases covered when it comes to providing resources to help you make winning picks. You can read our Betway review here

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