Nunavut is a vast territory, and if you could put Nunavut into the rest of Canada, it would be about the size of Ontario. Unlike most Canada, Nunavut has no professional sports teams or college sports teams. This is because it is the least populated territory in Canada. Although there are no major sports teams, you can still place wagers online by using an internet connection!

Can you Legally Bet on Sports in Nunavut?

Those living in Nunavut are free to wager bets on sports events. For those battling the snow for much of the year, betting online could well be one of the most efficient ways of doing so.

Options for Legal Betting Online in Nunavut

Sports Select, a betting service offered by the WCLC (Western Canada Lottery Corporation), is available at most convenience stores in Nunavut. Sports Select lets you bet on games and sports for $2 from a cashier. The service has been around for a while, but there are only a few games and sports to bet on—and the odds can be different than those seen online at sportsbooks legally operating in Canada.

Does Nunavut have Legal Betting Apps?

You can legally use apps in Nunavut to place sports bets on Android and iOS devices. Depending on where you are in Nunavut, apps could be the best way to wager sports bets. Most sportsbooks offer versions of their sites in an app and usually have additional features like streaming the games.

Do I have to Pay Taxes on Sports Bets in Nunavut?

No. In Canada, you can gamble on sports without being taxed on money you deposit or withdraw from a sportsbook. There is one exception: If the federal government determines that your gambling has become your primary source of income—and you are making enough money from it that it could be considered your job—then you may be taxed on your winnings.

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Single Game Betting – Is it Legal in Nunavut?

Unfortunately, single-game betting has not been legalized in Nunavut yet, despite the passage of Bill C-218 in Canada. However, it is expected that this will change soon, and Nunavut residents should be able to place single-game bets by the end of 2022.

Is Bitcoin a Legal Currency to Bet within Nunavut?

Yes, Bitcoin transactions are accepted at some sportsbooks. However, not all sportsbooks offer this option. We expect that most sportsbooks will take the online currency in the coming years, but for now, there is only a handful that does. Please check out our betting guide for more articles on Bitcoin, depositing, and withdrawing from sportsbooks.