Saskatchewan has been a WCLC (Western Canada Lottery Corporation) stronghold for many years, but that will soon change. In 2022, the province will see the legalization of single-game betting, which was passed in the c-218 bill in 2021. This will be great news for online sportsbook gamblers in the province because it will give them more options. We’ll go over all the best sites for CFL gamblers in Saskatchewan so you can get started right away!

Sports Betting in Saskatchewan: Is it Legal?

Are the Riders the best team in the CFL? Absolutely! Legal gambling has been miffed with a grey cloud through the last few decades, but it’s become more common to see legality as a whole. Gambling has always been legal, but how you gamble has been scrutinized more.

Can I Legally Bet online in Saskatchewan?

Betting online offers sports fans the chance to make real-time wagers—known as “in play” betting—as the lines move to reflect outcomes within a game. If you’re a live bettor, you can place bets while watching your favorite team on a mobile device or computer. Online sportsbooks also offer more options than Sports Select; you can find games across more sports and markets than we offer here.

Can you Bet on Sports in Apps in Saskatchewan?

Yes, they are. In fact, sports betting apps can be a fun way to enjoy your bets with live streaming and dynamic markets during live betting. Personally, I tend to be a live player, watching the games and wagering against the phases of play if pressure mounts for any one side. The apps tend to have a thinned-down version of the website, meaning you can quickly access your bets, leagues, sports, and markets all at once.

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Do they Tax Sports Bets in Saskatchewan?

Across Canada, the answer is no. If you gamble in Canada, your winnings and losses will not be taxed as income. The only time that the government could consider taxing gambling is if you are deemed to be gambling professionally—that is, your primary source of income is gambling exclusively.

Are Single Games Legal to Bet on in Saskatchewan?

In 2022, single-game betting will be available for Saskatchewan players. You’ll have more opportunities to win in a single market with single-game gambling than you would with parlay-style wagering. The legalization of single-game gambling occurred under the Canadian Bill C-218 in 2021. So open up your sportsbooks and check out the Riders markets available!

Is Bitcoin Betting Legal in Saskatchewan?

Yes. Although gambling with Bitcoin is a little more tricky than a regular deposit, it is completely legal and offered at some sportsbooks. However, there are still many sportsbooks that do not accept cryptocurrency deposits.

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