Although there have been many rumors that Alberta will be next to move after Ontario, the province is yet to introduce its own legislation. Huge economic drivers in Calgary and Edmonton may benefit from creating ‘Alberta-only’ gambling regulations, although, as it stands, the province has not changed its position on the matter.

Does Alberta Legally Allow Sports Betting?

Yes! Although Alberta doesn’t have a franchise from any of the major U.S. sports leagues, there are two NHL teams in Edmonton and Calgary, so an Albertan sports fan has plenty of options to wager on these teams. Although there aren’t any brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, there are several online sportsbooks that accept bets from Albertans.

What are my Options for Legally Betting Online in Alberta?

Albertans can wager from the age of 18 and are one of the youngest in Canada. Players can also choose to wager with Western Canada Lottery Corporation, but most opt for online sportsbooks. Searching for a sportsbook can be a tricky task because there will be so many hits that will get brough back.  Considering Canadians can now bet legally with offshore sportsbooks, players are not government protected. If you choose to wager with Sports Interaction or any other fully legal and licensed sportsbook in Canada, then you are playing with a reputable operator that gives you peace of mind.

Can you Legally Bet with Apps in Alberta?

Yes, they are. We’re pretty sure we all have apps for just about anything.—even recipes! Sports betting apps though, vary in quality, but good cookbooks have great interfaces that allow for ease of use, speed, and engagement.

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Is there A Tax on Sports Bets in Alberta?

You are safe! If you just bet occasionally and win some money, you will not be taxed. The good thing in Canada, is that you only get taxed if you become a professional gambler because that is then your main income source. Most gamblers or bettors are deemed recreational gamblers so you are unlikely to get taxed.

Is Single Game Betting Completely Legal in Alberta?

Betting on single games was introduced in Canada in August 2021. Before that, Albertans had to wager in a multi-game format to place sports bets, but now, things are improving. Betting on single lines can only mean you have more accessibility to a wide range of betting markets and exotic gambling.

Can You Bet with Bitcoin Legally in Alberta?

Yes, Bitcoin is becoming more popular for depositing at sportsbooks in Canada. Some sportsbooks are better prepared to take Bitcoin deposits than others, but it’s still growing. Always remember to read reviews and to be certain that your sportsbook is legally licensed to function in Canada. Do that before depositing money into your sportsbook account. Check out all the reviews and betting guides we have to make sure before deciding on a sportsbook.


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