The first-person shooter game known as Call of Duty has been one of the most popular video games for decades. The campaign mode is what fans remember, but the multiplayer mode took Call of Duty to new heights. Now, competitions featuring substantial cash prizes and betting options have helped make it an eSport favorite.

Call of Duty, How to Play?

Multiplayer games garnered much attention in the 2000s, thanks partly to Call of Duty, which inspired many other companies to start making multiplayer games. Players compete in free-for-all or team formats across several game modes.

Since Call of Duty has been in production for many years now, you can find many versions such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops; each title contained various game modes, which were; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Frontline, Battle Royale, and Hardpoint.

You play this game in various formats, such as tournaments or ladders. Each ladder has smaller ladders within it, singles, doubles, or teams (3v3, 6v6). You earn ranks and experience points when you win, and it is also possible to win trophies and cash prizes from tournaments.

Wagering on Call of Duty

The betting industry has expanded into Esports; it’s not uncommon to find people betting on popular titles like CS:GO and Call of Duty. You will find sportsbooks provide an array of bets to pick.

Call of Duty is still far less popular than the usual sports such as football, boxing, and tennis. Being new to the betting industry can have this effect.

But if you’re well versed in the betting industry and have the right amount of knowledge on Call of Duty, you will know where to find the right bets and markets. The most common and sought-after bets on Call of Duty are:

Map Betting

Map Betting is predicting the winner of a certain map; you can say it is similar to Moneyline betting. The bet is on the sole result of a singular map and not the series.

There is an added dimension to Map betting; this is because Call of Duty consists of many different types of game modes, and the teams and players participating each has certain modes that are better than others, which can result in teams performing well in certain maps, while others perform worse.

Map bet is a great way to make money in Call of Duty, as you can back a weaker team on a map that they are likely to win on.

Winner of the Match

A team or player who has been dominant in most of the maps is said to have the most wins on a number of maps.

Over. Under 2.5 /3.5 in Call of Duty

This is a bit more difficult as you bet on the numbers within a game. For example, you place a wager on the amount of damage a player will deal in that game or how many kills a team can get in a single round. This would require research and extensive knowledge of the game and teams.

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Prop Bets

Prop Bets usually need an in-depth understanding of the game or event one plans to bet on; this is even more, the case in terms of Call of Duty. There is usually a variance in the choices you have for prop bets; this can be How many bombs are planted, the First kill, or the winner of a map; this is dependent on the sportsbook on what odds you will be offered.

Prop bets offer a different twist on traditional match betting. They include factors such as player stats and map scores, offering something for those who want to go beyond basic outcomes. They could be a good choice for those new to placing bets on these events.

Live Play Betting

Live betting, also known as real-time gambling, is a form of sports betting that takes place while a sporting event is in progress. Players can wager on the outcome of the match during the event, with odds changing according to the events happening in real-time.

Let’s look at an example; when a team is ahead, it is common for the odds offered on that team to increase as its opponent mounts a comeback. Live betting on Call of Duty can be useful for people who understand the game better than your average punter. Call of Duty League live betting will likely attract many players as more people learn to like this sport.

The second edition of Modern Warfare has been updated and revised, but it keeps the features that resonated with fans and made it one of the most popular games. If you’re looking for an opportunity to bet on Call of Duty, Modern Warfare is a decent shout.


They’re several game modes within Call of Duty you will come across when betting on the game. Capture the flag is an example; this brings a more entertaining dynamic for players.

Regardless, they are still game modes that stand out as favorites:

  • Hardpoint
  • Search and Destroy
  • Domination

Major Tournaments organize them around the three main game modes, Search and Destroy, Team deathmatch, and Hardpoint. You will find bets on these modes always, but you can also bet on smaller tournaments that may have different formats and modes.

Call of Duty Special Markets

Headshot Count

One of the most popular types of online betting is headshot betting, which predicts the number of headshots a player or team will get.

Tournament Winner

As the name states, there’s no difference if this bet was made on sports or Esports; it carries the same principles.

Game Winner

You can bet on a single-player winner.

Highest Kills

Similar to betting on a player scoring the most goals for their team, where you wager on the player you believe will kill the most opponents.

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Most Killstreaks

Killstreaks work in the sense that you’re rewarded for killing your opponents, but without dying, the longer you last, the better the advantage a player gains.

Most Points on Team

Here you will wager on the player you predict will have the most points in the game; this is usually the most highly-rated player on the team.

Weapon Choice

If you do not know the game’s weapon system, avoid this bet. You can only make accurate wagers on this market if you have in-game knowledge of the weapons; which are the best? Most accurate? Which has been nerfed or buffed by developers? That’s the only way to bet on the guns in the game confidently.

Best Players and Teams on Call of Duty

call of duty esports

call of duty esports

Just like in sports, you will find the best players or teams that exist within, and in Call of Duty, this is the same story. Here we will look at the top teams and players in the Call of Duty Esports scene.

Best Call of Duty teams

OpTic Gaming

$2,390,091 is an indicator of how good this team is. The number signifies the winnings they’ve had so far.

Evil Geniuses

Another top contender, this team has battled it out for the top spot and has managed to stay in the top five. Their winnings are a total of $128,875.

Team Envy

With prize money of $114,625, this team can be seen as one of the best teams, with a few missing components to make them the best in the game.

Fariko Impact

Fariko Impact is a champion; having held the title in 2013 and earned $429,500, they are still in the hunt for the top spot.

Best CoD players of all time

Chris Lehr

Chris Lehr (‘Simp’) has won over $546,000 tournaments. For one being so young, he is already being considered a future champion of the game.

Ian Porter

Ian ‘C6’ Porter won the championship in 2014, 2017, and 2020. He is seen as one of the best players due to his consistency and skill.

Seth Abner

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner won the 2017 edition of the CoD World Championship, also amassing over $859,000 in winnings so far. He is arguably one of the most famous players in Call of Duty.

Tips on Call of Duty Betting

Call of Duty carries more unpredictability than traditional sports, which is why it is advised to better understand the game before you start betting on it.

There’s so much source material to look at to give you a better knowledge of the game; you can find wikis online and even look at footage from streamers and professionals on YouTube and Twitch.

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Popular Call of Duty tournaments

Call of Duty World League is the base of the competitive scene of Call of Duty. It is a league that goes on throughout the year, and it has millions in prize money to be won. These tournaments are:

  • Birmingham Open,
  • Anaheim Open,
  • New Orleans Open,
  • Seattle Open,
  • Dallas Open
  • Atlanta Open.

With prize pools of $700,000, There are two Grand Finals during the year; CWL Pro League Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Call of Duty Best Bookmakers

Here are some of the best bookmakers to place wagers on Call of Duty and other Esports titles.


Call of Duty is one of the largest gaming franchises in history. Betway offers a variety of betting opportunities for players who want to place their money on the action. Perfect for busy players who don’t have time to sit at a computer all day, the app allows you to place bets while on the go. Betway offers multiple deposit and withdrawal methods, fast customer service responses, and a diverse range of betting options for those who want to bet on Call of Duty. Check out

Bet 365

Bet365, another major sports betting site, is expanding its eSports options. For Call of Duty players looking for a reliable and trustworthy sportsbook that offers plenty of Call of Duty betting markets and plenty of deposit and withdrawal options, including credit card payments, Bet365 is the way to go.

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