One of the best first-person games (FPS) of all time, Call of Duty has become a household name among gamers over the past few decades.

But as exciting as the story-driven single-player mode is, the multiplayer element has made CoD legendary. Call of duty, has since become one of the best and popular eSports, with huge cash prizes for the world’s best players and big payouts for gamers at major events.

How does Call of Duty work?

Call of Duty has probably been the driving force behind the popularity of online multiplayer games. Players are in a competition in various game types in free play or in teams.

Firts to know, is that call of duty is a pack of different games e.g.: games Black Ops, Modern Warfare and, most recently, Vanguard. Each version offers a variety of game modes, weapon and missions

Players compete against each other in ladders or tournaments. Each ladder is divided into several sub-ladders, e.g. single, double or team ladders – from 3 vs. 3 to 6 vs. 6.

The winning players receive experience points and ranks. In tournaments o championshio, players and teams can win trophies and cash prizes.

Bet on Call of Duty: how to do it?

As with traditional sports betting, bookmakers offer a variety of betting markets, ranging from standard bets, such as bull’s-eyes, to lesser-known bets.

Although CoD is an extremely popular eSport loved by fans, it still can’t compete with mainstream sports like football, boxing and tennis. So you will find relatively little coverage of Call of Duty betting.

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However, fans who know where to look have s to bet on matches and tournaments, with a range of betting options available. The following types of betting are popular in Call of Duty.

COD Gambling options

The number of headshots in a match: any CoD fan will tell you that one of the game’s most enjoyable aspects is landing a headshot. So it makes sense to set up a betting market for headshots!

  • Winner of the tournament: A standard bet in sports betting and eSports is no different.
  • Winner of the match: it is possible to bet on the winner of a single match.
  • The highest number of kills (player): this is bet is exactly the same as what happens with the goals in a soccer match, there is an art to betting on which player will make more goals in a match.
  • The player with the highest killstreak in the game: Killstreaks are a very interesting bet to make. Players who score a certain number of kills without dying are rewarded with tools that allow them to keep killing.
  • The player with the most points: Each team has a star player – you can bet on who that will be.
  • Weapons used in the game: e.g.: of an obscure CoD’s bet intended for those who know the game inside out.

The TOP Call of Duty players and clubs

Like any other esport, the Call of Duty universe is been dominate by a few world-class teams and players who perform at a higher level than everyone else. Here are some of the best CoD players and teams in the world.

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Tips for betting on Call of Duty

As with any sport, it is very useful to familiarise yourself with the game before you start betting. In CoD, more than most other sports, it is very difficult to pick a winner because the unexpected can and often does happen.

That’s is a good reason to do your homework. There are plenty of stats on the Call of Duty esports wiki, as well as gameplay videos on YouTube and Twitch, so you can learn more about each player’s styles and characteristics.

Top 3 Call of Duty Betting Sites

Here are some of the best sports betting sites to bet on Call of Duty.


One of the biggest betting sites in Canada, Betway, is now entering the eSports betting scene. A clean design, user-friendly interface, and excellent mobile apps for Android and iOS make for a great user experience. A wide range of deposits and withdrawals and solid customer service are also big pluses, while a growing eSports market means the opportunities for betting on CoD through Betway will only increase.

Williams Hill

Another great sports betting site, Williams Hills is also expanding its eSports option, making it an excellent option for Call of Duty users. It is always advisable to go for a reliable bookmaker, and they are one of the safest and most trusted bookmakers in the market. They offer many good CoD betting markets, from the clear tournament winner to the most kills. You can count on good sign-up bonuses, good odds, and plenty of deposit and withdrawal options.

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Sports interaction

Sports interaction is a serious contender for the best Call of Duty betting platform. Its advantages include a wide range of gaming markets, excellent live betting and a sleek, intuitive interface. A big sign-up bonus is a big attraction – Sports interaction will double your first deposit up to $100 and give you a free bet when you sign up.

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