Every gambler knows that the thrill and excitement of gambling, is a big part of what moves us. But there is one thing we will never forget and that is: we want to win money.

In this article, we will break down the most important aspects to consider in terms of finding a good quality and reliable bookmaker. In particular, a comparison between what 888Sport and 22Bet offer, to help you decide which one is the best for you.

888Sport vs 22Bet: Sign Up Process

To be able to place bets at any of these bookmakers, you will need to sign up and create a username to guarantee that all your transactions are safe and honest.

Sign Up to 888Sport

The sign-up process at 888Sport is quite intuitive and simple, which is completed in quick steps.

  • First of all, you must provide your personal data, date of birth and full name
  • You will also choose a password, a security question and request an email and phone number
  • Finally, you will have to enter your occupation and accept the security terms

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Sign up to 22Bet

Signing up at 22Bet will take you one minute. It’s super simple. A screen pops up and there you will enter quick details to go ahead.

  • Enter an e-mail address, your name and a password
  • Next, the system automatically chooses your location, but allows you to select the currency in which you prefer to bet
  • Finally, enter a phone number, where a verification code will be sent to you

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888Sport vs 22Bet: Welcome Bonuses

Knowing how to take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by bookmakers, is a smart bettor’s thing. These bonuses help you to multiply your money, increasing your betting power. Some bookmakers offer a bonus on the amount of your first deposit, or give you free bets.

888Sport Welcome Bonus

When you make your first deposit at 888Sport, you will get a 100% bonus on the amount of your deposit, available up to $250. To get it, you will have to place a $10 or more deposit. This is the offer for Canadian bettors.

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22Bet Welcome Bonus

Canadian users who make a first deposit at 22Bet, get a 100% bonus on your deposit up to 300 (CAD), for sports bets. To get this benefit, your first deposit must be more than 2 (CAD). The bonus will be automatically applied to your account, but you will not be able to transfer it to other 22Bet accounts.

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888Sport vs 22Bet: Sports Coverage

The sports offer of both bookmakers is massive. They cover a wide range of options, according to the interest of users from a wide range of countries where they are available.

Classic sports like NBA, NHL, MLS, NFL, MLB, have a relevant place in 888Sport as well as in 22Bet. But they also have innovative options to bet on Esports, TV-Games and Motorsports, among others.

888Sport Sports Coverage

888Sport is an experienced sportsbook, and stands out for its versatility. It finds a way to highlight each of the sports they offer, which amount to more than 26 on the list. Some sports that will always be relevant at 888Sport are baseball, soccer, hockey and basketball.

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22Bet Sports Coverage

If you are a soccer betting enthusiast, you will find many perks at 22Bet, because this is clearly one of their top sports. However, there is a list of more than 28 sports available for its bettors. The betting options are updated on a minute-by-minute basis, depending on the sporting events that are taking place.

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888Sport vs 22bet 1

888Sport vs 22Bet: Live Betting

Live betting is perhaps the favorite entertainment for gamblers. Feeling the thrill of a bet that in a matter of seconds has an outcome, is what we live for. But if we’re going to bet quickly, we need good quality odds to be most accurate. So, bookmakers offer us their best picks and odds, to make the right choices, minute by minute.

888Sport Live Betting

The system for placing live bets at 888Sport is very intuitive, so anyone could understand it and place a bet easily. Odds are updated quickly and with a single click, you can choose your bet and display a ticket to complete it. 

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22Bet Live Betting

The coverage of live sporting events is super wide at 22Bet. You will be able to find the betting options, gathered by sport, with the odds advice provided by the bookmaker. Once you choose your wager, you can also select from the types of bets available: accumulator, lucky, chain bet and anti-accumulator.

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888Sport vs 22Bet: Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

The options for deposit your money in a bookmaker and then, the withdrawal choices for your earnings, is a very important point when deciding on the perfect bookmaker for you.

In this section, it is important to verify that the bookmaker you are choosing has payment methods that are available in your country, as well as the crediting times for both deposits and withdrawals.

888Sport Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

Most of the payment methods supported by 888Sport have fairly fast crediting times of around 10 minutes on average. A 10 CAD minimum deposit is usually requested.

In the case of cash withdrawals, the time it takes to be credited to your bank account will depend on the payment method you choose and can be from 1 to 8 days.

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22Bet Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

22Bet is very clear with its rules for deposits and withdrawals, one of which is that it does not accept deposits from third parties. You will only be able to deposit from accounts that are in your name, as a security measure.

Regarding withdrawals, you can do it at any time because they are enabled for this 24/7, but you will have to withdraw with the same payment method with which you made the deposit. A positive point is that there are no commissions if you withdraw your money through a Bitcoin wallet.

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888Sport vs 22Bet: Customer Support

Being sure that the customer service of the sportsbook you choose is reliable, will guarantee your peace of mind when you make transactions. Here we have to consider that they have online chat, which is one of the services preferred by users.

The FAQ pages and informative blogs are also of great help when you need to solve any problem.

888Sport Customer Support

Although it does not have an online chat, 888Sport’s customer service provides the bettor a close contact through a call center and an email. In addition, it has a very useful help page, where any doubt about the website can be solved immediately.

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22Bet Customer Support

22Bet’s customer service stands out for its online chat available 24/7, with online assistants that help you solve any doubt you may have. They also have an extensive FAQ page, available for the bettor to understand how this sportsbook operates.

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888Sport vs 22Bet: Top Bookmaker

In this comparison between 888Sport and 22Bet, I find two good brands of sportsbooks, acknowledged as the best that are available to bettors in Canada. But I have to choose a favorite.

888Sport is my top bookmaker

The main reason is the user-friendly website of 888Sport, it is so intuitive and clear, that anyone could place a bet. In addition, it has a diverse offer of sports and a great welcome bonus.

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