Since the passage of a new law in Canada in 2021, single-game sports betting has been introduced. Although the law has opened up gambling a little more in the players’ favor, there is still an uncertainty of legality in a shifting marketplace for both players and sportsbooks. The Canadian market is beginning to take ownership of their betting population by allowing provinces, for the first time, to decide on legislation of their own. We will go into further detail where New Brunswick currently stand.

What’s the Legal Status of Betting in New Brunswick?

Yes, as long as you are over the age of 19 and have valid identification such as a driver’s license or passport, you can place sports bets in New Brunswick.

Online Betting Legally in New Brunswick

ProLine has been around for a long time, and you can still bet there. However, there are a lot more sportsbooks out there that have more interesting games to play. You can play with any one of these sportsbooks, as long as they’re legal in Canada. All of our recommended sportsbooks have been reviewed by us, so you know they’re safe to use.

The Best Legal Sports Betting Apps in New Brunswick

Yes, whether it’s an Android or iOS device, you’ll find that some of the best apps created by sportsbooks are available in New Brunswick. Because sportsbooks websites offer so many different types of markets and sports, they can be a little clunky to use. Apps offer you a slimmer version of the sportsbook websites and can give you an exciting and seamless user experience that brings the games straight to you.

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Taxes, Winnings and Legal in New Brunswick

In Canada, you won’t be taxed on your gambling winnings if you are a recreational gambler. If you are seen as a professional gambler—someone who makes money from gambling—then maybe not. You would only be considered a professional gambler if gambling is your primary source of income and living.

The New Single Game Betting – Is it Legal in New Brunswick?

Yes. The government of New Brunswick legalized single-game betting in 2021, which opened up legal single-market gambling for New Brunswick residents. The dated model of only being allowed to legally gamble in multi-bets favoured the sportsbooks more than it did the player. Single line betting means you can effectively wager within the hundreds of markets available per sport and multitude of odds. In soccer alone one game could give you over 100 single betting lines from moneyline to props, so more creative betting can now be rewarded.

Betting with Bitcoin in New Brunswick

Yes, New Brunswick residents and Canadians can legally place bets with Bitcoin on sports at regulated sportsbooks. It’s important to check the license of your chosen book, however, because there are a number of offshore operators still available to the market. If you check our reviews section you will find a number of books we have reviewed and are completely legal and licensed to take bets in Canada.


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