The terms and conditions included in the agreements of online sportsbooks can be lengthy. However, we’ve summarized the main provisions for you to ensure that you know exactly what to expect as of when you log in for the first time at an online sportsbook.

This guide will look at the most common rules governing minimum deposit limits and outline which deposit methods have the lowest minimums. Also, we’ll take a look at minimum bet limits, which is a restriction on how small a sporting bet your sportsbook will accept.

Minimum Deposit Amounts are different depending on Your Funding Source

To place bets at your sportsbook of choice, you’ll first need to make a deposit. Minimum deposit amounts and accepted methods vary between books.

Many sports bettors find credit cards and eWallets to be the choice that makes sense when picking a deposit method because of the low minimum deposit and the low fees. Because of the trouble involved in processing these transactions, deposits made through money transfers, checks, and bank wires carry higher minimum deposits than any other deposit method.

Minimum Deposit Via Credit Card

Credit cards are the most popular deposit method. Minimum deposits range from $10-$100 but tend to be closer to the lower end of that range.

At the most popular online sportsbooks, Americans and European bettors will find minimum bets of $10.

Sportsbooks typically set a low minimum deposit for bank transfers since this is the most used and less bothersome way for bettors to fund their accounts.

How To Fund A Betting Account With A Bank Wire Or Money Transfer

As a general rule, funding betting accounts by money transfer or bank wire will require a significantly greater minimum deposit than an ACH transfer or online bank transfer. Minimum deposits can go as low as $10 for electronic transfers. However, you may have to deposit more if you wire funds using a traditional wire service.

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Depositing Minimums with eWallets

An eWallet is a secure online account that stores multiple online merchants’ credit card or bank account numbers. Payments are made much faster, and many are nearly instant. Some sportsbooks have no restrictions on funding via eWallet services, while others require a minimum deposit amount of $10.

You may be required to use the same eWallet if you decide to withdraw any money.

The Smallest Bets Permitted at Your Sportsbook

Most sportsbooks allow very small wagers as long as you meet their deposit and withdrawal requirements. Most sportsbooks require a minimum bet of $0.50 to $2.00, although some accept wagers as low as $0.01. No online sportsbook has a minimum greater than $5.00, though. The minimum bet amount varies depending on the time of year or the specific event. This could be a great time to tell you about our article on How to Budget for Soccer bets here

Getting ready to Deposit?

We’ve done you a solid and created an entire guide to the fundamentals of sports betting, organized in a step-by-step structure to help you develop a sports betting strategy.

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