Are you having difficulty separating genuine online sports handicappers from scammers? Scamdicappers, whose sole purpose is to harvest email addresses and spam using other methods, are everywhere. For those who need help to separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help distinguish between scamdicappers and legit online sports handicappers.

What is a Scamdicapper in Sports Betting?

A handicapper is a pick seller. We’re not talking about anybody who sells picks but the kind who runs shady websites or uses social media platforms to deceive and bilk bettors out of their hard-earned cash.

A handicapper does the dirtiest work in sports. They’re constantly searching for degenerate bettors who haven’t figured out that these “sure thing” bets don’t exist. As you continue to learn about handicapping, the more tired you’ll become of these types of accounts. It’s just not natural to be that optimistic all the time.

What you can expect from a “Real” Handicapper

Sports handicapping services allow helpful information to be shared with a community. Users get to contribute their gut instinct and research, allowing other users to profit from their reviews and feedback. Everything is kept accurate with this service that allows community members to make money in the long run.

Most professional services are similar in that they have devoted years to practice and experience to improve their knowledge of college and professional sports. When a service claims that it is based on a winning formula, it does not mean that you will guarantee winning bets or earn 100% of your chances, but it can assure you that they base their selections on expert knowledge and deep research.

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How A Scandicapper’s Account works

Scamdicappers use similar techniques to the most effective retail and marketing scammers, preying on vulnerable people’s emotions. This system is not one you would want to be a part of, using fake followers, click farms, and other unethical methods to extract as much money as possible from innocent people. The heartbreaking thing about all this is that scamdicappers get rich, preying on ignorant victims who don’t have the experience, education, or lack knowledge to see through their thin façade. This problem is has persisted because the glossiest accounts have the most followers, adding to their air of legitimacy.

Why are scammers so popular on Instagram?

Although the barriers to creating a manipulative scamdicapping service have been torn down, many opportunities for all scamdicappers exist on social media. Instagram is the most popular platform for scamdicappers. A visual platform, Instagram makes it much easier for scamdicappers to sell their customers on a lavish lifestyle than text-based platforms like Twitter. The only product that sells well on Instagram is the one that’s visually appealing, not logical.

All of the photographs in the account are highly graphic, with bright backgrounds and striking colors. They are expensive-looking and eye-catching but still high-quality. Many of these pictures show stacks of cash and bling jewelry, which gives them appeal to Instagram users.

How to avoid sports betting scams on Instagram?

When it comes to differentiating between credible sports betting resources and handicappers, or just plain wrong information, finding out the pedigree of the source becomes an increasingly important factor. And since many people overlook such importance and instead fall for shinny images of gold and cash, scamdicapping will continue to be an issue as time goes on. The way to go is for players to seek more enlightenment on the traits of a scamdicapper and distinguish between fake and authentic on social media, especially on Instagram. Click here to read more of our betting guide articles.

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