Wales always seems to be in the shadow of their United Kingdom counterparts, England. It was the last laugh of the Welsh, however, when Gareth Bale rejected any notion of playing for the Three Lions in favor of his beloved Wales. Gareth Bale’s love affair with Wales could be the catalyst that transforms this Welsh team to a competing side in the Euros and World Cup as he runs through brick walls for his side. Without Bale, Wales seems to be average, but with Bale, they discover new gears in which the players around him have the faith to attack with purpose and pose dangers to any international side.

Wales National soccer Team: Tactics & Style to play

Wales tends to play a flat 4-4-2 with young winger Daniel James being an ‘out ball’. James’s pace is a force against any opposition, arguably one of the fastest players in the world. Emerging striker Kieffer Moore is destructive in the air and many defenders struggle to deal with his rambunctious style. Moore’s aggressive style and good hold-up play allow for James and Bale to achieve more freedom on the pitch creating valuable gaps where their pace can be utilized. In most one on one battles for holding the ball, Moore wins, which creates holes for the third man running.

World Cup PREDICTIONS & What to Expect?

Despite ferocious support, Wales cannot be considered a contender for the World Cup. With this young, aggressive and creative side they do have the capacity to upset some of the major sides in the competition. James and Bale’s pace will cause panic against any side in the world and the strength of Kieffer Moore will offer an ample target for crossing. Wales should consider that Quarter-Final presence would be deemed a success. Anything past the Quarter Finals would be a surprise to most fans and soccer followers but no doubt Wales, as ever, will have their eyes on greatness with patriotic belief.

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Wales National soccer Team Players: Top 5

Gareth Bale:

Gareth Bale is not only the captain and talisman for Wales, he is also a player for one of the greatest sides in the world, Real Madrid. When Bale is playing well, Wales plays well and he never says die attitude can be a thorn in the side of any opposing team. Gareth Bale’s match fit, causes problems for the best defenders in the world and his knack for scoring important goals give Wales a chance.

Daniel James:

James plays for Leeds after a somewhat confusing time for Manchester United as a player. James showed great promise for Man United but was sold to Leeds, leaving many considering the early departure as disappointing releasing a player so young and full of promise. James, may have suffered with confidence whilst playing for, arguably, the most well known side in the world; but for Wales he is an important player.

Kieffer Moore:

Players that have come from non-league soccer in England, essentially part-time amateur players seem to have a hardened stature about them. Kieffer Moore seems at home in his Wales kit and has proved he can mix it with the best in Europe. His presence upfront offers a target and Wales need a player like him to hold the ball to bring the more creative players into play.

Aaron Ramsey:

Aaron Ramsey plays for Juventus, although he has found limited games of late. Regardless of his being on the fringes of the Juve squad, Ramsey is a leader for Wales and should be considered one of their main players. His style is to keep the ball moving and does hit a good challenge in the middle of the park. Ramsey brings experience and calibre and in tournaments like the World Cup, this will be put to good use.

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Ben Davies:

Ben Davies represents Tottenham and plays for Wales in the centre back position. A player in his prime, Davies is a marshal in the back line and organises the team well. His calibre, playing for a top side in the EPL renders him as an important leader in the back line. To have a good campaign in the World Cup, Wales will need players like Davies to take control with experience and guide their team to performing under pressure.

Who is Wales soccer Manager?

Robert Page is the interim manager at the moment whilst Head Coach Ryan Giggs is being investigated for situations off the pitch. Rob Page is also the assistant manager of the side so will, no doubt, be instructing the team as Ryan Giggs would have done. The Welshman will be eager to perform with Wales, so if the full time position does become available he will have first opportunity at leading his country for the future.

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