Betway has become synonymous with betting and the brand has done a lot to ensure they are considered one of the biggest and best bookmakers in the industry. Ladbrokes is also a well-known bookie; they might not garner the same attention as Betway but they are one of the bookies that have built a safe and secure site for users.

We shall be comparing the two in terms of the aspects we think are crucial when picking a bookmaker to use.

1. Betway vs Ladbrokes: Sign Up Process

Now if you’re just visiting a betting site, there’s no need to do anything other than look around, but if you’re a player then you have to sign in to access their features and be able to bet, we’re looking at the way both bookmakers make this process simple or difficult.

Sign Up to Betway

Betway ensures their sign-up process is one of the quickest and simplest compared to their counterparts and they do so by making the process seamless. Just follow the simple steps mentioned and you’ll be up and running on Betway:

  • Visit Betway site
  • Click on the register tab
  • Once there ensure you put in all the necessary details on the form provided
  • Select the currency you prefer or use and your betting limit
  • You will then receive a verification email and once you verify, you’re in

Score: 4/5

Sign up to Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes don’t make their sign-up process difficult either, the bookie makes life easy for the bettor due to the process of signing up being so quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps to get underway:

  • Once you visit their site, simply click on sign up
  • You will then have to fill in the information they require, which is mostly personal information and banking methods
  • Confirm your account
  • Deposit the amount you wish
  • Start betting

Score: 4/5

2. Betway vs Ladbrokes: Welcome Pack

These sportsbooks are strongly recognized for welcoming new bettors and all they have to offer on their websites to make you feel at home. Visit their websites to check what they might offer to beginners and new players, you will be surprised!

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Betway vs Ladbrokes: Sports Coverage

Most bookmakers tend to cover the majority of sports in the world, only few will restrict some sports due to factors they’ve considered. In the case of Betway and Ladbrokes, they showcase and cover most sports and we shall look into this to compare the two.

Betway Sports Coverage

Betway are huge in the betting industry and as such reputation sets the minimum standards they adhere to. The coverage of a wide range of sports is necessary and Betway offer this, there is no sport they don’t offer lines on.


Ladbrokes Sports Coverage

Ladbrokes being very British tends to offer sports with more popularity in their home region like; Soccer, Horse racing, and tennis. They do however also offer a large variety of sports making sure not to miss out on potential customers due to a lack of markets.


second image

Betway vs Ladbrokes: Live Betting

when it comes to Live betting, quality is key to ensuring a seamless experience across the board. What players look for is the speed of the feed while live betting and the odds and how quickly they change throughout a match or game. Let’s take a look at this option within Ladbrokes and Betway.

Betway Live Betting

The in-game betting option for Betway as anyone would assume offers a large variety of sports to pick from and they would be happy to know they are right. The live in betting may some minor issues to sort out but all in all the option is at a good place.


Ladbrokes Live Betting

As with most bookmakers Live-in betting plays a significant role on their site with it being one of the favorites. The homepage has a whole section dedicated to showing the upcoming and currently on Live-in betting events. Soccer tends to be the main focus of attention but they offer a big variety of sports in this option too (darts, hockey, snooker, rugby etc.)

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Betway vs Ladbrokes: Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

Ask any bettor new or experienced, depositing and withdrawal of funds is a major aspect which is used to consider which bookmaker to use. This process can either be easy or difficult depending on the bookmaker.

Betway Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

With the type of traffic that Betway incurs on its site, would need to have a reliable system for depositing and withdrawing funds. Betway has one of the simplest ones in which you can instantly deposit money through one of the many channels they offer, in this case, a credit card. In terms of withdrawing money, it can take up to a maximum of 24 hours.


Ladbrokes Deposit Methods and Withdrawals

With numerous payment options, Ladbrokes meet the requirements of many customers. These include VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Paysafecard and Bank Transfer. The bookmaker has their own ‘Ladbrokes card’ in which it acts like a debit card, with this you can get instant withdrawals which is a rare site in the betting industry.


Betway vs Ladbrokes: Customer Support

If there’s no one to help when problems arise, you won’t have much of a customer base for long. It is imperative that customer support is there and works in an efficient manner.

Betway Customer Support

Betway has to have one of the greater versions of customer support, to enable them to be efficient and responsive to the many bettors that visit their site, you can find answers you need on their FAQ section.


Ladbrokes Customer Support

Ladbrokes like many other bookies offers a FAQ section to rummage through for any answers you may seek. They can be reached by phone and email as well, for a quick and easy time you could simply reach them on their live chat available 24/7. They also have a responsible gambling section which helps regulate your betting habits if you feel you’re going overboard or heading in the wrong direction

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Betway vs Ladbrokes: Top Sportsbook

When it comes to the two sportsbooks, I pick Ladbrokes.

The reasoning behind my pick is due to the fact that I feel Ladbrokes offers more value in areas that Betway has neglected. I really like the fact that Ladbrokes have a responsible gambling section to aid players who may get addicted or are in danger of financial ruin. It shows care behind such a move and as a bettor, I appreciate it when I’m looked after.

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